Our electrical systems services

Labinal Services, within Safran Electrical & Power, offers a full range of electrical systems-related services: small-series production of harnesses or electrical boxes, preparatory work for wiring installation or modification, installation and physical modifications to harnesses in the aircraft.

This offer is supplemented by expertise in running tests: our technical solutions for system, ground, in-flight or bench tests, cover the installation, configuration monitoring and maintenance in operational conditions of testing facilities thus guaranteeing the client protected and reliable data acquisition, that is essential for the development of its aircraft or equipment.

Flight test installation

Labinal Services supports all major aeronautical industry principals in their aircraft certification campaign.

This support is materialized by our team of test technicians and assistant test technicians who take part in installing test equipment in the aircraft and ensuring its maintenance.

A successful flight test campaign is characterized by the reliability of the in-flight data collected on all parameters tested. Our teams are guarantors of the proper operation of each measurement sensor and, when necessary, perform maintenance work on sensors. They are at the test pilot team's service at all times.


Electrical installation is Labinal Services' core business activity. Our teams help physically install electrical harnesses and electrical bays. Their intimate knowledge of the product enables them to help optimize the routing of this wiring in the aircraft.

Labinal Services' installation teams work together with client teams to meet the most stringent regulations.


Electrical modification is a major activity for aeronautical programs under development. Our control of configuration management and involvement at all stages of the electrical systems' value chain, have enabled us to develop expertise in the management and application of aircraft modifications.

Labinal Services' teams are extremely agile, applying remedial measures to harnesses or bays already installed in the aircraft.

This activity is also recommended when given programs involve full retrofit campaigns. This type of work, combined with the preparation activity, makes all the more sense when the client requests the fleet to be brought up to standard.


Labinal Services offers its clients expertise and preparation skills for installing or modifying electrical systems.

This service is performed in situ on our clients' premises or remotely at our Labinal Services Centers, using direct connections to our production systems.

Labinal Services' teams draft job forms, prepare the Material kits required for maintenance work, schedule the tasks to be carried out, monitor and report on the progress of work.

We are clearly acknowledged by our clients for control over configuration management of an aircraft, in both development and operation.

Spot Manufacturing

Labinal Services teams, in particular consisting of Fitters-Wirers, provide an alternative solution to support the production of electrical systems (harnesses, boxes, bays, etc.) in situ in their clients' plants, when production requires work near the aircraft or equipment.

Labinal Services also provides the same offer ex situ through Labinal Services Centers, genuine production centers located close to major principals in Europe and equipped with production means to meet clients' occasional production needs.

These production centers are supported by all Safran Electrical & Power's production plants.

Test Benches

Labinal Services offers expertise in project management, production, modification and maintenance of test benches in operational conditions whether designed to test an equipment feature or to simulate an entire aircraft.

Labinal Services, along with Safran Engineering Services (a subsidiary of Safran Electrical & Power), is able to offer a turnkey solution: identification of clients' needs, help with drafting specifications, selection of a subcontractor network, designing the test method, guaranteeing the supply of all bench components necessary to the assembly and maintenance of this resource. This offer guarantees our clients the most appropriate answer to their test issues.