Safran Electrical Components - A leader in electrical protection components

Exterior view of the Loches site

A leader in its field, with over 60 years’ experience, Safran Electrical Components, a subsidiary of Safran Electrical & Power, specialises in the design and manufacture of electrical interconnect components.

Safran Electrical & Power Division has 1,500 employees spread across 6 production sites in 6 different countries: Loches (France), Slough (Great Britain), Soliman (Tunisia), Santa Rosa (United States), Chihuahua (Mexico), and London (Canada).

The company's products are widely used on large civil aircraft, regional aircraft, and business jets, as well as military aircraft, and civil and military helicopters.

Safran Electrical Components supplies large numbers of backshells, conduits, sleeves, and accessories for cable protection and routing to both aircraft manufacturers, and their suppliers. The company also produces landing gear electrical dress kits for the entire range of Airbus commercial aircraft and for the Boeing 737 and 787.

The company specialises in the following areas:

  • Electrical interconnect components:
    • Backshells and fittings
    • Conduits and sleeves
  • Fluid conveyance
    • Convoluted PTFE hose and hose assemblies
    • Flight refuelling hoses
    • Rigid tubes and special fittings
    • Engine build-up kits
  • Power contacts
    • Lamella contact band
    • Specialised connectors
  • Build-to-spec harnesses:
    • Landing gear dress kits
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