Safran Ventilation Systems - A leader in high-performance ventilation systems

With 40 years of experience to its name, Safran Ventilation Systems, a subsidiary of Safran Electrical & Power, is a major stakeholder in high-performance ventilating equipment for the civilian and military aeronautical sectors.

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It supplies all of the braking and avionics ventilation equipment on Airbus commercial aircraft with more than 100 seats. Safran Ventilation Systems has also had a presence for several years on the regional airplanes market, supplying all of the ventilation equipment (fans, valves) on the main programs (Bombardier Aerospace, Embraer, ATR, etc.).

Safran Ventilation Systems fits military airplanes, business airplanes, and high-capacity civilian aircraft, as well as regional airplanes and both civilian and military helicopters.

The activity of the business and its 340 partners concentrates on the following areas:

  • primary activity involves assembling equipment into four independent production units (mechanical, electrical, rotors and sub-assemblies, customer returns) at the Blagnac (France) and Everett (US) sites;
  • after-sales activity which mainly involves repairing non-guaranteed goods through Safran approved after-sales sites in the U.S (Everett) and in Singapore;
  • the RTDI activity, which develops Safran Ventilation Systems equipment and pursues research activities.
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