Our distribution components and circuit protection

Safran Electrical & Power designs and assembles components aiming to control, switch and distribute electrical power in commercial and general aviation, military aircraft and off-highway vehicle markets. Most of them perform in harsh environments and require a high degree of performance and reliability.

It includes relays and contactors, circuit breakers, remote control circuit breakers, and also power and load management systems. Safran Electrical & Power also offers the full line of non-illuminated  switch products: toggles, rockers, push-buttons, snap action, sealed limit and all the associated switch guards and shields.

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Cockpit Control Switches
  • MS approved and QPL listed to MIL-DTL-3950
  • One, two and four pole configurations
  • Terminal variations - screw and IWTS
  • Toggle and lever lock Actuator
  • Positive dentent action
Hand Control Switches
  • Control stick mounting
  • Non "freeze" durable phenolic handle
  • Heavy duty trigger switch
  • Available with cord for remote operation
  • Available with auxiliary switch
Miniature Switches
  • MS approved and QPL listed to MIL-DTL-8834
  • Rating variation - power to logic levels
  • One and two pole configuration
  • Bushing sealed per MIL-DTL-8834
  • Non-teasible mechanism
  • Toggle and lever lock Actuator
Precision Snap Action Switches
  • Ratings up to 40 amperes
  • One, two and three pole configurations
  • Choice of terminals
  • Maintained and momentary circuits
  • Snap action contact mechanism
  • Dry circuit capabilities
Pushbutton Switches
  • Momentary and alternate action
  • Ratings up to 40 amperes
  • One and two pole configurations
  • Single hole mounting
  • Decorative Actuator in various colors
  • Two moisture proof series
Rocker Switches
  • Watertight seal per MIL-STD-108E
  • One and two pole arrangements
  • Standard rocker and locking style actuation
  • Switch is front panel mounted
  • Lamps can be wired with circuit or independently
  • Complete accessory package available
Sealed Limit Switches
  • Ratings up to 7 amperes
  • Two and four pole configurations
  • Wire leads (6 foot length)
  • One hole mounting
  • MIL-PRF-8805 approved
  • Available with pushbutton or roller actuator
Switch Guards & Shields
  • Prevent accidental operation of switches
  • Switch operation limited to selected functions
  • Adaptable to one, two and four pole configurations
  • One hole or flush mounted variations
Toggle Switches
  • Environmentally watertight seal per MIL-STD-108
  • Ratings at 28VDC and 115VAC 60/400Hz
  • One, two and four pole configurations
  • Toggle, lever lock and designerline Actuator
  • Positive detent action
  • Multi-circuit variations offered
Wire Terminal Systems (IWTS)
  • Environmentally sealed
  • 1, 2 and 4 pole circuitry
  • 2 & 3 position with maintained and momentary action
  • Integrated Wire Termination System (IWTS) for ease of wiring
  • Terminal numbers molded into silicone base seal
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