Our distribution components and circuit protection

Safran Electrical & Power designs and assembles components aiming to control, switch and distribute electrical power in commercial and general aviation, military aircraft and off-highway vehicle markets. Most of them perform in harsh environments and require a high degree of performance and reliability.

It includes relays and contactors, circuit breakers, remote control circuit breakers, and also power and load management systems. Safran Electrical & Power also offers the full line of non-illuminated  switch products: toggles, rockers, push-buttons, snap action, sealed limit and all the associated switch guards and shields.

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Generator Contactors
  • Meets MIL-R6106/42
  • Rated up to 50,000 Feet
  • Temperature Range up to 71˚C
  • Suitable for Ground Support and On-Board Systems
  • Multiple Auxiliary Options
  • Variable Frequency
Hermetically Sealed Contactors
  • Rated up to 80,000 feet
  • 100,000 Mechanical Cycles
  • Temperature Range up to 125˚C
  • Acceleration 15g's /Shock 25g's
  • Twin Break Silver Allot Main Contacts
Light Weight Contactors
  • Meets MIL-R-6106/48
  • 100,000 Mechanical Cycles
  • Rated up to 80,000 Feet
  • Double Break Contacts
  • Continuous Duty
Next-Gen Contactors
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Up to 500 Amps
  • Increased Reliability
  • Flexible Mounting options
  • Various Auxiliary arangments 
  • 0.2 Amp Hold Current
Power Contactors
  • Designed to MIL-R-6106 Type II
  • Double Break Contacts
  • Auxillary Circuts Availible
  • Gasket Sealed
  • Contiuous  and Intermittent Duty
  • Current Sensing
Smart Contactors
  • Availible from  60  to  500 Amps
  • Ultra Light Weight   0.26kg  to  1.18 kg 
  • Increased Reliability
  • Improved thermal  efficiency
  • Flexible Mounting options
  • Modular Auxiliary arangments 
  • Optimized  inrush  and hold current
  • Current sensing  with  CAN bus  integration 
  • Call  +1 941 751-7186  for more information
Special Power Products
  • HIgh Voltage DC switch Gear
  • 100 to 1500 VDC at 300-700 Amps
  • Uni-Directional and Bi-Directional Units
  • Auxilliary Circuits Availible
  • Two Coil Controllers 24 to 48 Vdc and 77 to 110Vdc
  • English and Metric Hardware Availible
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