Our distribution components and circuit protection

Safran Electrical & Power designs and assembles components aiming to control, switch and distribute electrical power in commercial and general aviation, military aircraft and off-highway vehicle markets. Most of them perform in harsh environments and require a high degree of performance and reliability.

It includes relays and contactors, circuit breakers, remote control circuit breakers, and also power and load management systems. Safran Electrical & Power also offers the full line of non-illuminated  switch products: toggles, rockers, push-buttons, snap action, sealed limit and all the associated switch guards and shields.

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Considered the new generation devices for circuit protection, the Solid State Power Controllers (SSPC) protect the wiring while allowing distant loads commutation. Through their electronics characteristics, the SSPC can be fitted with additional functions including logic command based actuation, arc-fault detection, current monitoring, data transferring to the crew or to the maintenance systems… Safran Electrical & Power develops SSPC for AC & DC current of small and medium power.

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