Our main distribution systems

Safran Electrical & Power provides complete solutions for transmission and distribution of electrical energy, from generators to loads, through distribution centers and wiring harnesses.

Distribution (Primary & Secondary)

At the heart of the electrical system,Safran Electrical & Power is an expert of the primary and secondary electrical distribution, making sure the energy is dispatched to the aircraft's electrical loads during the different flight phases. Other main functions achieved by Distribution systems are the protection of the aircraft wiring against any adverse events and the monitoring to ensure proper fault isolation and related maintenance operations. Both primary and secondary distributions are fitted with protection and commutation devices to ensure safe operation and robustness of the electrical system thanks to optimized electronic control and adequate sensing devices. Safran Electrical & Power provides the distribution system for Falcon 7X, Bell 525, CH53, Airbus A320 and A330 family, Phenom 100 and 300 and recently, the KC390.

Emergency distribution systems

The emergency distribution aims at providing the aircraft electrical system with a safe alternative in case the main distribution is no longer supplied. It operates in direct link with main distribution and emergency generation sources such as battery, APU or Ram Air Turbine (RAT). Depending on the application, the emergency distribution can be integrated in the main distribution box with the appropriate segregation or provided in a dedicated box.

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