Our alternate generation systems

Safran Electrical & Power provides alternate generation equipment and systems such as APU generators and Ram Air Turbine.


The Generator Control Unit (GCU) is part of the aircraft electrical power generating system and supervises its associated AC generating channel. In addition to controlling the generator, generator line contactor and protecting against faults in its generating channel, the GCU contains Built-In-Test Equipment (BITE) for fault detection and diagnosis as well as communications circuits which allow fault diagnostics and status data to be passed to the aircraft computers. Depending on customers' requirements, the GCU can be designed to include ground power control and protection to reduce the number of standalone boxes. This type of GCU is called a Generator and Ground Power Control Unit (GGPCU). The GCU/GGPCU control and protection features can be implemented in software or firmware depending on the complexity of the control unit.

APU Generator

Safran Electrical & Power provides air and oil cooled APU generators for the aviation market. For the general aviation, light helicopter and regional aircraft platforms, the generators are predominately air cooled 28V DC brushed starter generators with ratings ranging from 150 to 550 Amps. For larger platforms (helicopters, large business jets  and commercial aircraft) the APU generators are AC brushless oil cooled generators with a nominal 115/200Vrms, 3 phase and nominal 400Hz output. In particular, Labinal Power Systems provides two-pole APU generators for large commercial aircraft, such as A320 and A380, and have been designed to provide optimised performance in terms of power/weight and superior power quality.

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