Our main generation systems

Safran Electrical & Power provides the best of electrical energy to power the whole of the aircraft systems. The electrical generation consists in converting a part of the engines' or APU's mechanical energy into electrical energy. Our equipment are onboard all types of commercial, regional, business aircraft and helicopters.


The DC Generator Control Units (GCU) are convection cooled, bolt down units that contain a voltage regulator, control and protection circuits for coordinated system performance during normal and abnormal system operating conditions. The GCU can be provided with analog or digital based control electronics to match with the aircraft system requirements. The GCU can also be integrated into the aircraft primary distribution box to provide weight and space savings.

Generators & Starters generators

Safran Electrical & Power has developed over 330 models of brushed starter generators with output current ranging between 150Amp to 550Amp for many aircraft and helicopter applications. The designs make use of common subassemblies across the product family wherever possible to make best use of the accumulated experience in the ongoing development of new machines. The starter generator operates as a motor to provide torque for engine starting and as a generator to provide 28V DC electrical power after engine starting. Safran Electrical & Power also provides a range of DC generators without the start function. The starter generators / generators are air cooled and Safran Electrical & Power can provide a number of air inlet and outlet duct options to match with the aircraft ducting requirements.

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