Our electrical systems integration & certification

Safran Electrical & Power has integration, test and certification benches used for specific electrical equipment but also complete systems.


Safran Electrical & Power created the B525 integration bench in 2014 to accompany the Bell Helicopter contract for which we provide the full electrical system. The B525 bench integrates all Safran Electrical & Power electrical equipment for the medium-lift helicopter in order to test and validate the complete Electrical Power Generation and Distribution System (EPGDS) – comprising of DC Power Distribution Boxes, AC Power Distribution Boxes, Transformer Rectifier Units (TRU, converting AC power to DC power) and AC & DC Generating system. The test bench will be dedicated and active through the entire life of the program, highlighting the capacity of our company to develop innovative and high standard solutions dedicated to the helicopter manufacturers' specific programs.


The CH-53K Development Test Rig (DTR) is used to develop, integrate and verify each Qualification Standard of the Electrical Power System (EPS). The EPS consists of AC and DC Primary Distribution Units, Regulated Transformer Units, Generators and a Battery. The DTR includes a number of dummy load banks to replicate the aircraft loading across the EPS and a Ground Power Unit to verify the external power source interface. The DTR is capable of injecting various types of faults such as short circuit, open circuit and overload conditions in order to verify the protection within the EPS. The System Qualification Tests performed on the DTR include normal and abnormal EPS operation whilst monitoring the voltages, currents, statuses and ARINC 429 data communication bus.

Global Express

Safran Electrical & Power is the system integrator of the Bombardier Global Express electrical system composed by the Electrical Power Generation (4 Variable Frequency Generators, 1 APU Generator and their associated GCU), the RAT and the Primary and Secondary Distribution systems. In order to support this contract for the original design and modifications of the power generation package and to perform tests at system level, Safran Electrical & Power put in place a dedicated Electrical System Test Rig (ESTR), constructed in a similar arrangement to the Aircraft Electrical System, holding all the EPGDS (Electrical Power Generation and Distribution System) equipment. Its objective is to conduct functional tests, failure simulation, and qualification of the GX EPGDS at system level.  It has also been used for stability and endurance tests for early detection of design issues.


Safran Electrical & Power has set up a bench dedicated to the development, integration and certification of Embraer's KC-390 program, christened Electrical System Rig (ESR). The ESR bench was put in operation in January 2014, to allow ATA24 integration testing of the Brazilian program. It already contributed to guaranteeing the safety of the first flight, which took place on February the 3rd 2015 in Sao José Dos Campos (Brazil). Today, the ESR is getting ready for integration testing, including wiring definition update and the integration of qualified equipment so as to be in compliance with the aircraft's certified standards and its test procedures.

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