Our Power Electronics solutions for MEA applications

Safran Electrical & Power is Safran's center of excellence that aims to accompany all the group's companies in the electrification of their systems.

We develop and produce calculators and converters for the following systems:


ETRAS®, designed for the A380, is the world's first electrical thrust reverser control system. It includes a digital computer, the ETRAC (electrical thrust reverser actuation controller), an electronic power amplifier, the TRPU (thrust reverser power unit), and an electric motor to control the opening and closing of the A380's thrust reversers via electromechanical actuators. ETRAS® is certified for both powerplants offered on the A380, the Trent 900 and the GP7200, both fitted with thrust reversers developed and produced by Safran Nacelles.


For the new C919 jetliner being built by COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China), Safran Electrical & Power was chosen to design, develop and produce an innovative electronic power converter, the TRCU (thrust reverser control unit). This unit will communicate with the full authority digital engine control unit (FADEC), process information from sensors, and control the primary uplocks and the electric motor.

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