Our processes and tools

With its subsidiary, Safran Engineering Services, Safran Electrical & Power offers courses, methods and strategic tools that are adapted to the growing needs of customers operating in a rapidly changing environment. The company draws on the experience of its experts, takes responsibility for customer programs and observes technological trends to provide high value-added services that cover every stage of the products' life cycle. Innovation and customer satisfaction stand at the heart of our activities and thanks to our international presence - a guarantee of flexibility -, we can adapt quickly to changes in different markets.

Courses, methods and tools help the company grow and stand out from competitors to:

  • Improve quality and lead times
  • Benefit from best practice
  • Implement Lean Sigma, a certified process that complies with Safran policy
  • Develop expertise in the area of project management

Our activities

Depuis 2004, Safran Electrical & Power Denton produit des harnais électriques pour les programmes commerciaux et militaires et remporte de nombreux contrats : la production et l’aménagement intérieur pour les modifications du Tanker 767 italien et japonais, l’intégration de boîtiers électriques du B787, les modernisations du programme C-130 en 2007, la fabrication des systèmes de câblages électriques destinés au programme hélicoptère UH-60M/MH-60R.


  • Project management services and work packages
  • Innovative tools (software programs, virtual platform)