Labinal acquires Harvard Custom Manufacturing

Paris, November 22, 2010

Labinal, Inc. has successfully completed the acquisition of Harvard Custom Manufacturing in Salisbury, Maryland. The company is now officially operating as Labinal Salisbury, Inc., a subsidiary of the Safran group and will be consolidated into the Safran group by the end of the year.

"We are confident that this new acquisition will increase our capacity to contribute to the success of our customers. Harvard Custom Manufacturing and Labinal, Inc. have a shared objective - to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. We remain dedicated to this objective with the merger of the Salisbury location into the Labinal North America Wiring Division", said Jorge Ortega, VP and General Manager of the Division.

The current workforce of approximately 800 will transition to Labinal employment effective November 22, 2010. Marc Renick will retain his current role as General Manager for the Salisbury location.

With a global workforce of 9,000 employees, including the Salisbury location, Labinal has expanded both its product and service offering and capacity to meet the aerospace market's growing demand for high quality, cost effective wiring systems design, fabrication, and installation services. Labinal supports the world's major aerospace manufacturers in both commercial and military applications.

About Labinal

One of the Safran group's high tech companies, Labinal is a world leader in the field of electrical wiring systems – and studies in their engineering and associated technology – for the aviation, space and defense markets. The company's unmatched expertise is founded on decades of design, development and manufacturing success with long-term partnerships with the leading aerospace companies. Labinal's industrial activities, market segment oriented and customer-driven, are organized in four Divisions: Europe Wiring, North America Wiring, Safran Engineering Services and Labinal Services.

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