The more electric aircraft showcased on the Safran stand

On the occasion of the 51st Paris Air Show, the more electric aircraft is given pride of place on the Safran stand (Hall 2A – 228-252), in a specially reserved area entitled “We make it more electric, Innovation by Safran”.

The transition to electrical systems on aircraft is picking up speed and intensifying, and this represents a real revolution for the aerospace industry. Conscious of this challenge, Safran is developing a comprehensive range of technologies designed for more electric aircraft. The "We make it more electric, Innovation by Safran" display presents these technologies along with systems developed by Labinal Power Systems, its subsidiary dedicated to the entire electrical chain (generation, distribution, conversion, wiring, load management and ventilation).

Products of More electrical aircraft


The Labinal Power Systems exhibit features:


  • The electric fan (variable frequency) used in the Airbus A350 XWB, whose innovative design improves monitoring functions;
  • A generator (variable frequency) developed for the Airbus A380, which represents the first application of variable-frequency power generation on a widebody commercial aircraft;
  • A primary and secondary distribution box for the Falcon 7X;
  • Electrical harnesses, that is to say electrical wiring assembled in the form of a harness, which ensures the transmission of data and electric power.

The company is also presenting a primary and secondary electrical distribution system. Primary distribution is the heart of the aircraft's electrical system, being used to power the most demanding loads; secondary distribution feeds electrical loads as required during the flight phases and protects the electrical harnesses. The system consists of a distribution center for primary and secondary alternating current, an electronic power cabinet, a power control cabinet using semi-conductors and a control unit cabinet.

Other major electrical innovations developed by Messier-Bugatti-Dowty (Safran) are also on display:

  • The electric brake on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the first commercial aircraft fitted with electric brakes. A genuine technological breakthrough, the electric brake provides many advantages to manufacturers and airlines: simplified maintenance, reduced operating costs, faster installation on the aircraft, real-time measurement of wear on heat wells and a gain of mass resulting in reduced fuel consumption.
  • An electric retraction actuator for the EMA (Electro-Mechanical Actuator) landing gear, sized to the nose landing gear of the Airbus A320, designed to retract the landing gear in all loading conditions and to ensure the controlled descent of the landing gear even in the case of malfunction.


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