Labinal Power Systems rewards its best suppliers

Paris Air Show — June 16, 2015


Today at the Paris Air Show at the Safran Chalet, Labinal Power Systems (Safran) conferred its "Supplier Awards," which recognize its best production suppliers from among its operational divisions. Three suppliers received awards: Souriau, a circular connector specialist, received the best global performance award; Celestica, an electronic board specialist, received the best delivery performance award; and Sibi, a precision engineering specialist, won the best quality performance award.



Labinal Power Systems rewards its best suppliers


"We made the selection using a highly demanding, continuous evaluation process. We monitor the performance of our 750 production suppliers, obviously with a focus on quality and delivery, but we also take into account other criteria, such as flexibility, daily operational support, lean manufacturing, and competitiveness. To guarantee a result that represents our company as a whole, all Labinal Power Systems departments—Supply Chain, Quality, Operations, and Purchasing—participated in the evaluation," said Alain Frehring, Purchasing Vice President of Labinal Power Systems.

"This ceremony aims to promote operational excellence among our suppliers, modeled on what we can do ourselves in our factories. The goal is to recognize the efforts undertaken by our providers, so we can attain Labinal Power System's high standards and, by doing that, support our development," said Alain Sauret, CEO of Labinal Power Systems.

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