Our power contacts for specific applications

Safran Electrical Components, Safran Electrical & Power's subsidiary specializing in electrical components, provides power contacts for high current and high power applications. This product family includes lamellar contacts and power connectors with low contact resistance, limited temperature rise, and high current density, capable of a high number of operating cycles.

Our high power connection systems

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Safran Electrical Components has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of high current electrical components for power distribution. We have developed core technologies that are adaptable to multiple environments, including aircraft power distribution, military power, and industrial high voltage distribution.

The efficient transfer of current with minimum power losses is a key element of our specialisation that can be applied in an aircraft environment at high voltage. Our capabilities mean that we can combine several technologies (electrical and mechanical) to design custom products that meet stringent aerospace standards. This results in industry-leading innovative products that are compact, easy to install, and fully meet the needs of the customer.

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