Component & harness services

From standard repair services to turnkey solutions, Safran Electrical & Power offers services that will keep you in the air.

Safran Electrical & Power has developed a full range of competitive and innovative services, from spot repairs to pool service including dispatch optimization with predictive maintenance. Shape your needs and we will taylor our solutions accordingly.

These services are available next to you, either in Safran Service Centers or in one of our Authorized Repair Centers. Use our centralized MRO capability list to select the most convenient service center for your component.

For enquiries about our services, please use the contact list at the bottom of our centralized MRO capability list or send an email to

 and we will guide you through.

A new EWIS MRO offer


As Safran Electrical & Power has long been an EWIS top-tier partner to the world's leading aircraft manufacturers, the company is now rolling out its offer to Maintenance and Repair Centers (MRO Centers) and airlines.


It is also extending its expertise to the repair of all harnesses in harsh environments, such as those of landing gear, thrust reversers, APUs, etc. FAR and Part 145 accredited by the EASA, FAA, TCCA, and CAAC authorities, the company can cover up to 90% of the global fleet.

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