Power generation and distribution component support

Safran Electrical and Power has developed dedicated customer portals for seamless part ordering and technical documentation access. For specific technical queries or any other need that would not be addressed by the portals, you may also use the contacts below and we will process your request in a timely manner.


Customer Portals and Contacts


For your spares orders, visit the "Power Spares" portal.

At the same time, the Power Global Service Centre team e-mail is changing to: customer-services.f.lps.bck@safrangroup.com
Our contact telephone number for Spares enquiries is +44 1296 66 33 33 and our fax number +44 1296 66 33 00



Visit the "Safran Electrical & Power Technical Publications" portal for a direct and convenient access to our technical publications:

Here you will find Power generation and distribution component Technical Publications and Manuals.

For technical suppport, also send an email to : technicalsupport.power.sep@safrangroup.com



For MRO suppport, send an email to : sep-mro-csr@safrangroup.com


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