Our mechanical systems services

Our service offer also extends to mechanical systems. The complementarity of our electrical and mechanical expertise thus enables our clients to overcome co-activity issues. Our services in this area are varied and include work on the primary or secondary structure, hydraulic or air conditioning systems, or even cabin fitting out services.

Cabin Furnishing

The installation of cabin components, galleys or entire passenger classes including seats and floors, in-flight entertainment systems but also fitting out of cargo holds, are examples of commercial installation services achieved by the Services' teams.

These services provided on the assembly line or during airline cabin retrofitting projects, involve a high degree of agility on the part of our teams.

Hydraulics & Air Conditionning

We install, repair, and modify the air conditioning circuits, water systems, oxygen systems, as well as hydraulic and fuel systems.

All this work is inspected by our Services' teams. We build neutral stations so as to deliver a mechanical system that meets our client's expectations.

Mechanical structure

Our many mechanics-adjusters regularly play a role in work related to the primary structure of the aircraft (drilling, riveting, etc.), but also on the secondary structure (opening and closing of floors, fitting fixed electrical supports, etc.)

We thus assemble and repair fixed and mobile components of aircraft (slats, flaps, vertical stabilizers, horizontal stabilizers, wings, etc.), we also replace aircraft frames.

We also incorporate and modify the secondary structure by, for example, installing layout supports for electric harnesses or layout supports for piping or by modifying cabinets.

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