[HIS] 1921

Foundation of Labinal SA.

[HIS] 1956

Development by Labinal of the first 400 Hz constant-frequency generator using the engine thrust.

[HIS] 1958

Merger with Précision Mécanique: Labinal becomes Précision Mécanique Labinal.

[HIS] 1960

Merger with Société Générale d'Équipements which marks strong development of the Group's automobile cabling branch and the strengthening of the aviation cabling activity.

[HIS] 1963

Study of the electrical installations of the Fouga, Vautour and Caravelle airplanes.

Creation and development of an aeronautical electrical wiring workshop in Villemur for the Fouga, Atlantic and Corvette airplanes.

[HIS] 1980

Launch of production of cabling for Airbus A300 in Villemur, then for the entire family of Airbus and ATR airplanes.

[HIS] 1981

Creation of an aeronautical design office in Toulouse.

[HIS] 1985

Supply of electrical wiring for the Rafale.

[HIS] 1986

Creation of subsidiaries in the US, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

[HIS] 1989

PML chosen for the number one global sub-contracting contract for the cabling of Airbus France. PML becomes Labinal.

[HIS] 1991

Labinal selected to supply the electrical wiring of the Falcon 2000.

[HIS] 1995

Labinal chosen by Boeing for the development and exclusive supply of electrical wiring for the MD95 (B717).

[HIS] 1996

Design office: acquisition of Caso and creation of Comecad (engineering).

[HIS] 1998

Mexico operations: acquisition of Aerotec (cabling production).

[HIS] 1999

First flight of the standard B717: Boeing and Labinal exclusive partners.

[HIS] 2000

Integration of Labinal into Snecma's organization.

Global sub-contracting contract for cabling of wings on all Boeing programs.

[HIS] 2001

Creation of Matis aerospace, joint-venture with Boeing and Royal Air Maroc.

Engineering services: acquisition of Teuchos.

[HIS] 2002

Selection by Airbus for the production of 80% of A380 cabling.

[HIS] 2003

Operation in US acquisition of Boeing's cabling manufacture activities, Corinth Inc. and creation of Labinal Corinth, Inc.

[HIS] 2004

Operations in Morocco: acquisition of the company Gespac Intégration Usine Novaprim (Morocco), and creation of the Labinal Maroc business center.

Selection for the design, description and production of the electrical wiring systems of the B787 program.

Opening of a design office in Wichita, Kansas (USA).

[HIS] 2005

Creation of SAFRAN

A400m: Labinal selected by AIRBUS France for the design, development, industrialization, manufacture and test of the electrical harnesses for the nose cone and the flight deck of the military transport airplane.

Selection by Dassault Falcon Jet Corp., for the industrialization, production, installation and after-sales support of the commercial electrical harnesses of the Falcon F7X.

[HIS] 2006

Extension of Factory 2 of Labinal Mexico for the B787 program.

Inauguration of the new Labinal Morocco factory (Aïn Atiq) in the presence of His Majesty the King of Morocco Mohammed VI.

Sale to Labinal of the activities of Sagem DS Ajaccio.

Creation of EHMS, Electrical Harness Manufacturing Software, a joint venture between Labinal and the IGE+XAO Group, to develop and market a software offer dedicated to the manufacture of electrical harnesses.

[HIS] 2007

Inauguration of the new design office in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Labinal Corinth selected by Boeing Integrated Defense Systems for the modernization program of the C-130 (AMP) avionics.

Canalab becomes Labinal Services.

[HIS] 2008

Inauguration of the headquarters of Labinal in Toulouse (France).

Selection by Airbus for the production of 80% of the electrical harnesses of the A380.

ISO 14001 certification of all the French sites.

[HIS] 2009

Selection by Sikorsky for the production of the electrical harnesses on the UH-60M/MH-60R program.

Selection by Airbus to supply, from design to production, the electrical systems of the entire fuselage of the A350 XWB.

[HIS] 2010

Merger of Teuchos and of the Labinal engineering and technology division to form Safran Engineering Services.

Military market: acquisition of Harvard Custom Manufacturing (USA).

[HIS] 2011

Labinal signs the end-to-end contract for the A380 with Airbus.

Labinal selected by BELL for the V22 DE-ICE program.

Labinal selected by Airbus for the entire life-cycle of the A320, A330/A340 programs.

Labinal selected by Eurocopter to supply the harnesses of the A380 and A350 doors.

MATIS announces the withdrawal of Royal Air Maroc from its capital.

[HIS] 2012

Labinal and COMAC create SAIFEI, a joint venture 51% owned by COMAC and 49% by Labinal.

[HIS] 2014

Creation of Labinal Power Systems, combining Labinal, Technofan and Safran Power.

Acquisition of the electrical distribution activities of Eaton in Sarasota, Florida (USA).

Selection of Labinal Power Systems for Chinese airplane MA700 of AVIC.


The first stone is laid to extend the MATIS Aerospace plant in Casablanca.


The head office of Safran Electrical & Power – the group's regional flagship – is inaugurated in Blagnac. The 270,000-square-foot site accommodates 1,300 employees.

A new plant opens in Charleston, South Carolina.

A global customer support and services center is created to handle support for customers and the equipment sales activities.

Labinal Power Systems receives Boeing's Supplier of the Year Award in the Production & Design division.

Labinal Power Systems becomes Safran Electrical & Power.


Safran Electrical & Power acquires Zodiac Aerospace, a company specializing in on-board systems, aircraft safety systems and aircraft interiors.

Safran Electrical & Power celebrates the delivery of its millionth wiring harness for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Airbus presents Safran Electrical & Power with the Best Performer Award.

One partnership is launched with Diota for virtual and augmented reality and another with BrainChip for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The site extension is inaugurated in Sarasota, Florida.


Safran announces the opening of a new plant based in Hyderabad, in the Indian state of Telangana.

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