Our avionic cooling solutions

With its division Safran Ventilation Systems, Safran Electrical & Power designs ventilation equipment for avionics racks. These are electrical fixtures that house the aircraft's most important computer systems.

Our equipment


We design different types of avionics cooling systems:

  • Fans: 115v fixed frequency; 115v variable frequency, 28v DC
  • Control valves 
  • Check valves 
  • CEDs (Cooling Effect Detector)


We also supply Avionics Ventilation Systems (AVS) for different types of programs, including:

  • The Airbus A380's avionics rack ventilation system, which includes two separate blowing circuits and an extraction circuit. Each blowing circuit includes a fan, an air filter, a temperature sensor, and a back-up valve. The extraction circuit incorporates a fan that extracts heat from the avionics racks in two different operating modes: With the inboard valve while in flight, and with the overboard valve while on the ground.
  • The avionics rack ventilation system on the NH90, the latest generation of military transport helicopters. On these helicopters, outside air is directly propelled into the avionics rack using two fans blowing through a powerful air filter.
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