Our brake cooling solutions

Designed to optimize the operation of an airplane during commercial flights, the brake fans made by Safran Ventilation Systems, a division of Safran Electrical & Power, are made to reduce the time needed to cool the brakes by extracting hot air from the disks.

The company strives to innovate in this field in order to offer a brake cooling function that is adaptable and always enables further optimization.

Our equipment

BCF A380

In the field of brake cooling, we develop and manufacture fans for the entire Airbus product line that reduce the time needed to cool the brakes between landing and the next take-off by 50 to 70%. We design:

  • the Brake Cooling Fan (BCF)
  • the Universal Brake Cooling Fan (UBCF): installed on landing gear at the wheel axle, the UBCF is interchangeable with the BCF, and can be used with all Airbus programs (A310, A300-600, A319, A320, A321, A330/340). It allows for lower costs due to its increased reliability and the significant savings it generates in terms of inventory and maintenance.
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